All About Stamp Collecting


A stamp collection that is well organized provides the collector with much ease in monitoring what stamps he already has.

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All About Stamp Collecting
Collecting stamps, for some people, is more than just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle. In fact, the world has been witness to decades upon decades of stamp collecting. Case in point: the American Philatelic Society (APS) with its 44, 000 members—the biggest membership in the entire world—was founded as early as 1886.

The passion for collecting stamps is rooted in a variety of reasons. Some collect stamps because it helps them connect to a bigger historical identity of their country. Others collect stamps simply for their aesthetic value. Still others collect stamps because of its capacity to assist in educating people about history, culture, and events. Others partake in the tradition for the thrill of chasing that rare stamp, and at times, even gaining profit from the sales of a stamp that another collector is looking for.

However, the greatest challenge faced by collectors is the storage and care of these stamps.

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