Getting Introduced to Oil Painting


Get Introduced to the World of Oil Painting by the Masters


Getting Introduced to Oil Painting

The eBook contains concise and impact-full chapters that will give you the perfect introduction to the world of Oil Painting.

The highlights of the eBook are as follows:

Brief history of oil painting – Get to know the story of invention

Introduction to oil painting mediums – What is linseed oil and what are the different forms?

Benefits and disadvantages of using linseed oil as a binder

Using alternatives oils as mediums

What are the things required to get started in oil painting

Tips for beginners in oil painting

What to choose and what to avoid?

Where to invest and where not to?

How to select the best painting brush while getting started?

Which type of canvas to choose?

Which type of oil painting medium is best for beginners?

This 23 page PDF ebook comes at €1.99 Only!

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