How to DJ


How To Be A DJ and Perfect The Art Of Playing Records On The Decks!

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How to DJ
How To Be A DJ
Perfect The Art Of Playing Records On The Decks!

When you think of a DJ, you may think of someone who plays songs on a radio, someone who plays songs at a wedding or someone who spins records on decks at clubs. DJ is an acronym for a disc jockey, a term that began in the 1950s when radio personalities first came into the picture. Although music was played over the airwaves for decades prior, the DJ was a personality figure who appealed to teenagers. The 1950s was the first decade where the value of marketing to teenagers came to light. As a result, those who played popular songs on the radio not only had to play the top songs, they had to also have personalities that the teens admired so that they would listen in to their broadcast.

The DJ has been an institution in the radio industry over the past 50 years, although the role has changed dramatically, especially over the past 20 years. In the 1980s, new technology made it possible for people to become a DJ for a wedding as well as other events. Hiring a DJ to play music at a wedding over amplifiers was considerably cheaper than hiring a live band. As a result, there was a whole new venue opened up for those who had considerable knowledge of music and the money to purchase the equipment.


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